fredag 11. januar 2013

Ukas foto (47)

Lind Victoria skriver dette om bildet sitt:
This is my sweet doggie. She looks pretty angry and it seems like she growls, but the reality is that she’s biting off feathers from a grouse body. The moment that I took the picture happened to be just the right one, since her lips are raised, so that her muzzle-skin folds itself (and because of that, it looks just like a growl). 

The picture has personality, as you can see the heavy-looking chains mixtured with a wolfish growl, sharp blue eyes and white teeth. The almost glowing eye appears as a center of attention since it’s so bright compared to the rest of the photo, making the viewer look somewhat to the middle (which is supposed to be relaxing, I heard). 
(ISO 200, f7.1) (Has also been edited in CameraRaw)

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